Special Treasures

A letter from Senator John F. Kennedy to Janet Travell sent to her home in Pelham, NY – Feb. 1959. (In it he mentions “newsclips” she sent him about an exhibit of her daughter Virginia Street’s art work at a gallery in TN). (NOTE: A Photocopy).

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A photograph of President Lyndon B. Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson and their two daughters, Luci and Lynda, which was presented to Janet Travell at Christmastime, 1964. (NOTE: A Scan: The original photograph and the original letters presented here were lost to Hurricane Katrina in 2005).

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President and Mrs. Johnson presented this framed “Prescription for Happiness” to Janet Travell at the reception for her retirement from her White House post – March 1965. (Photograph by Janet Travell).

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A letter from Janet Travell to Senator George McGovern – Feb. 1969.

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The June 1961 Robert F. (Bob) Kennedy handwritten letter to George McGovern that Janet Travell mentions in her letter to Senator George McGovern of Feb. 1969 (above). The letter is written on “Office of the Attorney General” stationery (not shown in our copy here) and reads: “I appreciate your thoughtful note about Jack. I believe the matter is under control. Dr. Travell has been working with him for many years and if it was not for her he would not presently be President of the United States. I am very very grateful to you for your interest. Best Bob”

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A letter from former President, Bill Clinton, to the family of Janet Travell after learning of her death. (NOTE: A Photocopy).

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Personal letters from Caroline Kennedy to Virginia Wilson (now Street) about the death of Dr. Travell and requesting that certain Kennedy family documents be turned over to her. (NOTE: Photocopies).






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